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Phonak hearing aids are high performance solutions aimed at reconnecting people to the beauty of sound. Although new technologies make speech understanding in most situations enjoyable, sometimes hearing aids are simply not enough.

Phonak has developed an array of wireless accessories that boost performance with minimal effort. This collection of accessories for your hearing aids is designed to keep you connected – whether on the phone, watching TV or in a noisy environment. Discover the benefits of the Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio and ask your NuWave Hearing Centers professional for a demonstration


captioned telephones

CapTel is easy to use. It works the same way you would use any other telephone. If you can’t hear what someone says, simply read the captions!!

CapTel works with a free captioning service to transcribe everything the other person says into written words. There are no monthly fees, no service agreements, and your monthly phone bill doesn’t change. Michigan offers special programs for you to get a CapTel phone FREE with a qualified hearing test at NuWave Hearing Centers!!

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captioned telephones


PerfectClean® is a device CE marked and patented specially developed for the safe earwax removal, cleaning and drying of RICs and ITEs.

hearing aid accessories

PerfectDry® Lux UV-C Disinfection and Drying System

PerfectDry Lux Features:

hearing aid accessories
  • Forced-air fan drying system
  • 360 UV-C lamp
  • Quick cycle (30-minutes)
  • Intensive cycle (1h30)
  • High quality materials
  • USB or main power supply
  • Compact case design

Other Accessories:

hearing aid accessories hearing aid accessories hearing aid accessories

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