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When hearing aids make listening effortless, life is on

Phonak Audéo B-R (Rechargeable solution)

When you can enjoy 24 hours* of hearing with one simple charge, life is on


Phonak Audéo B-R is the first ever rechargeable hearing aid to feature a specifically designed built-in lithium-ion battery that provides 24 hours* of hearing with one simple charge!


With Audéo B-R you can free your clients from the hassles of disposable batteries that are small and difficult to handle. Now they can enjoy the freedom and confidence of knowing that Audéo B-R is conveniently charged and ready to accompany them through the day.

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Phonak Audéo B

Simplifying life with a simply brilliant solution


The new Phonak Audéo B hearing aids feature a host of innovative technologies that have been created to simplify your clients’ lives.

With the new AutoSense OS™ we have pushed the innovation envelope to further increase overall performance and sound quality. Additionally, with the new Belong™ platform, Phonak introduces a new rechargeable hearing aid with a groundbreaking built-in lithium-ion battery, the first of its kind in the world!

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Audeo V:


Understanding, interacting and engaging in conversation is what connects you with loved ones and the world around you. Audéo V hearing aids focus on speech understanding, comfort and ease-of-use, and are tailored to give you the listening experiences you desire. Audéo V hearing aids automatically adjust to your specific listening environment, letting you enjoy life, wherever you might find yourself.

Every day you move between many different listening situations. The sophisticated operating system in Audéo V hearing aids will adapt to your precise environment and deliver unmatched sound quality with minimal interaction. Unique to Phonak, the hearing aids send speech from one ear to the other – as if your hearing aids were talking to each other so that you hear everything with both ears.

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Vitro V:


The Phonak Virto V Custom Product family is designed with you in mind. Individually crafted and tailored to your hearing needs, Virto V automatically adapts to your specific listening situation and allows you to better understand speech. Designed to fit perfectly into your ear canal for ultimate comfort, there is no other hearing aid this small, capable of this much performance.

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Bolero V:


Bolero V brings you the latest high-performance technology, for a seamless listening experience in even the most challenging listening environments. What's more, all this power is packed into a robust, aesthetically pleasing design.

Bolero V has been developed to automatically adapt to your sound environment and gives you the freedom to seamlessly move from one listening situation to another. Whether you’re in a noisy restaurant, car, concert hall or simply sitting at home, Bolero V makes listening effortless and doesn’t require any manual interaction.

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Phonak CROS B

Smart solution for single-sided hearing


Phonak CROS B is the wireless CROS device based on Phonak Belong technology.

When CROS B is fit with a Phonak Audéo B hearing aid, it enables clients with single-sided hearing to hear speech clearly and follow conversations from any direction. Using unique Binaural VoiceStream Technology by Phonak, CROS B wirelessly transfers the sound from the unaidable ear to the hearing aid on the better side.

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AutoSense OS and SoundRecover2


When hearing aids adapt to every sound automatically, life is on

What makes Phonak Audéo B hearing aids so special is a unique operating system called AutoSense OS.

This advanced technology successfully masters complex sound environments and the tasks that hearing aids have to perform. It does this by analyzing the sounds every 0.4 seconds and drawing upon multiple features. It then blends them to create over 200 distinct settings to precisely match sound environments. All this is done automatically, without any manual adjustments being made to the hearing aids.

Further enhanced with an innovative pre-calculation, the new AutoSense OS features the adaptive SoundRecover2.

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Phonak - A Sonova brand

*Expected results when fully charged, and up to 80 minutes wireless streaming time.

Please refer to www.phonakpro-us.com/evidence

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