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Meticulously built by a staff of dedicated artisans and lab techs, Westone’s USA products exhibit a level of craftsmanship that truly embodies America’s rich history of handmade artistry.

How Loud and How Long


One way that noise can permanently damage your hearing is by a single brief exposure to a high noise level, such as a firecracker going off near your ear. But hearing damage can also occur gradually at much lower levels of noise, if there is enough exposure over time. To protect your hearing, you'll want to limit your exposure to these moderately high noise levels and give your ears a chance to recover after any period of noise exposure.

DefendEar Hunter

The Digital Hunter offers two DSP programs user selectable by pressing a button at the top of the digital module.

  • NORMAL MODE gunshot noise suppression and ambient sound amplification for communication and environmental awareness.
  • WIND REDUCTION MODE increases the amount of wind noise suppression—ideal for open field hunting and other severe conditions. The DefendEar Digital Hunter has an NRR of 26.
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DefendEar Digital 2

The Digital 2 offers two DSP programs user-selectable by pressing a button at the top of the digital module.

  • GAME MODE suppresses intermittent gunshots while amplifying ambient sound for communication and environmental awareness.
  • CLAY MODE is optimized for suppressing continuous gunshots, allowing more flexible noise suppression while still amplifying

ambient sounds. The Digital 2 has an NRR of 26.

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DefendEar Digital Shooter

Shooter ear plugs are specifically designed to fit into any ear without the need for ear impressions. The Shooter allows for clear communication, as well as enhanced ambient awareness. When a gunshot is fired, the electronic circuit instantly suppresses the loud noise, protecting your hearing!

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DefendEar Max

The Digital 1 provides a single mode of operation for excellent all-around noise suppression, wind noise reduction, and ambient amplification for a variety of shooting environments. The Digital 1 has an NRR of 26.

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DefendEar Convertible

Westone DefendEar Industrial Convertible custom ear plugs give you a choice of attenuation levels you can change on the fly. Simply relocate the neck cord anchors to change from NRR 21 variable noise attenuation, to NRR 28 solid noise attenuation for protection in areas up to 113 dB. Westone DefendEar Industrial ear plugs are made of durable, flexible Otoblast Silicone for long life and all day comfort

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