Patient Testimonials

My experience in going through the entire process has been very encouraging.  The staff at NuWave Hearing Centers has been very helpful in correcting my hearing loss and has very personal care. I would highly recommend anyone with hearing loss to have their ears checked at NuWave for a whole new experience in hearing!

-Jeannette F, Riverview, MI

I LOVE them!  I am finally hearing things that I have been missing for a long time.  NuWave has great service and really care about their patients.

-Jacqueline G, Brownstown, MI

NuWave Hearing Centers are a God send.  After losing both of my hearing aids over the past year I was at a loss. I decided to give NuWave a try because I was unhappy with my previous hearing center.  The Phonak Hearing Aids are very comfortable and the fact that they are rechargeable is AWESOME.  The staff at NuWave is very nice and easy to work with.  I highly recomend them and their products to everbody that has hearing loss.

-Nancy D, Riverview, MI

I have had problems with my hearing and I decided to get hearing aids which was the best thing I ever did.  It improved my hearing and now I can enjoy my conversations with people without asking them to repeat everything.  I was not satisfied with my previous hearing center which brought me to NuWave.  I highly recommend NuWave Hearing Centers, they work hard in trying to help people improve their hearing

-James L, Trenton, MI

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